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Seven centuries of traditional music

The Day it Daws; The Lowland Scots Bagpipe and its Music 1400 - 1715


“Now who shall play the Day it Daws?” asks the 17th century elegy that mourns the passing of Habbie Simson, the most celebrated of those pipers who were once such a feature of life in the Scottish Lowlands.

In the first volume of his history of the Lowland bagpipers, Pete Stewart draws on contemporary literary sources and burgh records to explore the social role of these pipers and their music, from the earliest days to the first appearance of written bagpipe music at the beginning of the 18th century.

‘The Day it Daws’ is one of the most ancient of Lowland pipers’ tunes, It is presented here in its late 15th century form, along with over a hundred other tuines, many of which are mentioned in 15th to 17th century sources as having been played by pipers.

“In bringing together this splendid repertoire with the historical context within which it was set, Pete Stewart has set a new standard in the published scholarship of the lowland piping tradition”

(Dr Gary West)

91pp, A4, BW illustrations

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