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Seven centuries of traditional music


Outside of Northumberland the words ‘English’ and ‘bagpipe’ are not commonly combined: and yet Chaucer’s bagpiping Miller in the Canterbury Tales, the plays of Shakespeare and Ben Johnson and the engravings of Hogarth all attest to a vigorous tradition of piping throughout England from the 14th to the 18th centuries. ‘Robin with the bagpipe’ combines literary descriptions, pictorial and sculptural representations and an historical summary tighter with 70 tunes, many unavailable in print elsewhere, to present a vivid picture of a more or less forgotten aspect of English musical life, as well as offering a unique repertoire to today’s pipers.

First published in 2001, this remains the definitive work on the English bagpipe and its music

“Pete Stewart has done a grand job of collecting, editing and playing the music of this neglected tradition. He has brought together in one volume airs and dance tunes from eight centuries” (Roderick Cannon)

36pp, A4, BW illustrations

Robin With the Bagpipe

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